Friday, September 8, 2017

The whole design & plastic body

This time, I assemble "Rise Emperor".
Its body is plastic.
It should be big and heavy...
So I try to reduce weight.
The color coating is simple tricolor of red, black, and white.
Painting chassis parts same as the body, there would be sense of unity. It'd be cool !!

Speaking of Emperor Series, it's this light.
I don't like it...
So I wanna remove it, but it seems implanted...
If possible, I will cut it of well.

Chassis is MS to make flexible chassis.
It will be powered by two kinds of flexible gimmicks at the same time. 
Spring to use is eight !? lol

I scrape away large diameter barrel tire to thin tire.
(A white hard barrel tire is used.)

Bumper is rigid to reduce weight and make it simple.

This time, I won't install mass damper to offset the weight of the body. 
I am aiming at within the limit of weight which can damp.
I use Tohoku damper at the rear to make its jump forward-bent posture.

to sum up
-MS chassis powered by flexible gimmick 
-Large diameter thin tires 
-Rigid bumper on front and rear,   19mm roller
-3.5:1 gear
-Hyper-dash PRO motor
-Tohoku damper

The main problem is weight saving...
To what extent can plastic body be lighten ?

All plan to go !! 
First, I am making flexible chassis!
Look forward!

Thank you !!

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