Saturday, September 16, 2017

First, flexible chassis

First, Im making normal flexible gimmick.
Flexible chassis I make is different from regular one,
because I aim to make it simply comparing with cases of other web site.

In fact, you take just one hour to make it with leutor of 5mm diameter.

-This time, use 'JR Reinforced N-04/T-04 Units' to make Rise Emperor. 
-Thus I use different parts in this case, 'JR Reinforced N-04/T-04 Units' will come at main chapter.

How to make :
  1. extending hole of chas's in front and rear with 5.5mm drill
  2. cutting center chassis
  3. cutting off unnecessary parts 
  4. sanding 
  5. covering with short FRP
  6. setting springs and stopping by the screw

I will explain about above next time.

Thank you!

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